Direct to Yokohama Station.※1
High-rise Mixed-use Tower Development Project,※2

An international residential tower made possible as part of
the National Strategic Residential Development Project,※3
the first of its kind in Japan.

West Exit of Yokohama Station Find your space in an international hub
that will lead Yokohama in the years to come.

Aerial photo of the site

Mixed-use Tower Development Project. Direct access to Yokohama Station※1.
New world-class※4 residential high-rise is born at the heart of Yokohama.

Connected to the station
Connected to the sky
Connected to the world

Connected to the station

The pedestrian deck leads you directly
from the station to the height of convenience
and sophistication—
in other words, directly to your new home.

image photo
image photo

Connected to the sky

Get a premium view of Yokohama
while finding time to relax
and breathe far
above the bustle of the city.

image photo
image photo
CG rendering of the completed building as proposed

Connected to the world

As the first National Strategic
Residential Development Project※3 in Japan,
this tower will sketch out a new age
for Yokohama as an international city.

image photo
image photo
image photo


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*1. The property will be the tallest residential condominium tower right next to JR Yokohama Station at 43 stories, or roughly 178 meters (MRC survey: 1969 to February 2022).
*2. The property’s pedestrian deck connects directly to the West Exit elevators of Yokohama Station.
*3. The National Strategic Residential Development Project is an initiative that promotes the development of the housing infrastructure that will be needed to strengthen the international competitiveness of industries and build a hub for international economic activity within National Strategic Special Zones by easing floorspace restrictions. This project is the first project in the country to be certified by the Prime Minister under the National Strategic Residential Development Project.
*4. The tower will be designed for excellent disaster prevention and environmental efficiency and will be equipped with all the residential amenities needed to provide the functions required to support the lifestyles of employees of global enterprises, geared toward fostering the type of urban living spaces that are essential in bringing global enterprises to the city.
*The aerial photos of the site shown here (taken December 2020) and have been digitally altered, and so may not be completely accurate. The light as shown in the photos is not meant to reflect the height of the building that will result from this project.
*The aerial photo shown here was taken from a height of 160 m in a southwesterly direction (December 2020) and has been digitally retouched, and does not reflect the actual building. Views from the site may also vary. The CG renderings of the finished exterior as planned shown here were created based on blueprints and so may not be the same as the actual building. Furthermore, they do not reflect all the details of the building’s shape, fixtures, surrounding buildings, and the like. Furniture, small appliances, and decor are not included in the sales price. Views and the surrounding environment may change, and cannot be guaranteed for the future.

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